Within Destruction is a five man slamming deathcore band formed in 2010 and is located in central Europe, Slovenia. Already having dropped a debut album ''From the Depths'' in late 2012, which received exceptional feedback among metal community around the globe due to its diverse structure and melodic essence and a two-track single "Carnage" (2015) with which they marked the direction in which the band is going to evolve, this time around their latest album ''Void'' delivers a heavier, darker, faster and groundbreaking impact.

Recorded in Fall 2015, the album also features a few recognizable faces, such as Adam Warren (Oceano), Dean Lamb (Archspire) and Jamie Hanks (I Declare War). Parallel to making sure ''Void'' is released in the best form possible, preparations for the European tour were being made in order to promote and spread the album the moment it hits the shelves.

''Void'' was released by Rising Nemesis Records on 12th of February 2016 and received many amazing reviews worldwide and was nominated in multiple online polls as the best deathcore/slam album of the year.

Within Destruction build their reputation and recognition in the following months with constant promotion of the album and tripled their fan base in a matter of only few months. Within Destruction experienced all, from the early local shows to large foreign stages, festivals and longer tours. Some of the band's most noteworthy performances are playing as a support for the American deathcore legends Suicide Silence, the satanic Belphegor from Austria, the French thugs Benighted and appearing on the second and main stage of one of Europe's biggest festivals, Metaldays.

Within Destruction also went on a two-week European mainland tour in February 2016 together with slam titans Disentomb, Kraanium and Visceral Disgorge where they promoted "Void", a headlining United Kingdom tour in November 2016 and another short run of European mainland shows on a co-headlining tour with Acranius.

Future plans for Within Destruction are high with their main goal to tour the USA in 2017 and to release a new album late 2017. They have no intentions of stopping and want to spread their music all over the world.

Toured/Performed with:

Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Belphegor, Suicide Silence, Benighted, Disentomb, Kraanium, Visceral Disgorge, Acranius, Cattle Decapitation, Satyricon, Epicardiectomy, Acranius, Science of Sleep, Human Error, Chamber of Malice, Osiah, Begging for Incest, Carbine.


  • 16.09.17 - SEOUL, PRISM HALL (KR)
  • 17.09.17 - DAEGU, CLUB RAD (KR)
Travis Richter
Brett Powell

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